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Established: 1975
Revised: 10/79, 5/80, 7/80, 3/83, 5/85, 10/85, 11/87, 11/88, 9/91, 6/97, 9/05, 7/06, 6/16

Section 1 - Name

The Club was organized as a nonprofit corporation under Section 1702 of the Ohio Revised Code with the name Capital City Corvette Club, (CCCC).

Section 2 - Purpose

The purpose of Club is to encourage planned trips, events and social activities for its members with an emphasis on the enjoyment of Chevrolet Corvettes and to arrange, supervise, sanction and promote charitable events.

Section 1 - Eligibility for Membership

Club Members must demonstrate a strong affinity for Corvettes by:

  • Owning or leasing a Corvette of any model year; or,
  • Exhibiting a bona-fide order for a Corvette.

Any Club Member that does not currently own a Corvette during the renewal period may renew their membership as an Associate Member by following the process defined in Section 5 of this Article below. If the member acquires a Corvette at any time during the membership period, the Associate Membership will automatically become a Club Member. Associate Members shall not have voting privileges. Associate Members must continue their membership without interruption. If membership is interrupted, rejoining the Club requires meeting the requirements of a Club Member.

The Club, by majority vote at a scheduled meeting, may vote for a person to be an Honorary Member. This category of membership is provided for an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the Club, but due to health, distance, or other circumstances beyond their control can no longer be a Member and could not benefit from an Associate Membership. This category is not assessed dues and does not have voting privileges.

All members shall be at least 21 years of age. (Exception for a son or daughter of a current member who is of driving age.)

Section 2 - Application Requirements and Acceptance for Membership

All new applicants for membership must complete a CCCC application form. Dues must accompany new membership application forms.

Section 3 - Dues

Annual dues are published on the Club's website. Any proposed change shall be presented to and approved by the membership. New members who join after June 30 of any year will pay half of the annual dues for that year.

New members pay a one-time fee for a CCCC name tag as specified on the application and Club website.

Section 4 - Voting Privileges

Voting Privileges extend to all members as individuals whether the membership is single or joint. Associate and Honorary members do not have voting privileges.

Section 5 - Renewal of Membership

Annual membership follows a calendar year.

Members renew their membership by:

  • Paying dues in the full amount to the Treasurer in person or by mail.
  • Paying dues on time. Due date is November 1 with a grace period until December 31.
  • Filling out a renewal form (a new application can be used) which affirms or updates current contact information and Corvette affiliation per membership eligibility.

If dues are late, then the member may be considered a new member.

Section 6 - Invited Guests

Invited guests are welcome at all events unless the event is limited to members-only by the event chair.

Section 7 - Removal from Membership

Any member may be removed from membership by affirmative vote of 2/3 of the voting members present at a special meeting called for this purpose. Before a vote is taken, the Club will afford an opportunity for the member to voice a position on the issue of removal.

Section 1 - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Club shall be from January 1 to December 31.

Section 2 - Officer Compensation

No officer shall be compensated for performance of Club duties.

Section 3 - No Personal Liability for Club Representatives.

No officer, trustee, or appointed Club representative is personally liable for any debt incurred by CCCC or for the payment of any CCCC expense.

Section 4 - Insuring CCCC

The Club shall maintain liability insurance as deemed adequate by the Executive Board and protect Club assets by assuring the Treasurer has a fidelity bond. The Club will bear the expense of this insurance and fidelity bond.

Section 5 - Financial Reporting

CCCC shall provide reports to members:

  • At each business meeting: Account balances and a report of changes from the previous month.
  • At the March meeting: an annual operating statement and balance sheet
Section 6 - Expense Authorization & Reimbursement

Expenses over $250 require an approval of the membership. Expenses under $250 may be authorized by the President, Vice President, or Treasurer.

Expenses incurred by Officers or Trustees shall be reimbursed within 30 days of submission with appropriate documentation.

Event chairs or other members incurring authorized expenses on behalf of the Club may also receive reimbursement with proper documentation.

Section 1 - Regular Business Meeting

Business meetings of the Club shall be held on the second Saturday of each month at 6:00pm, unless otherwise scheduled.

The President or acting president can cancel a meeting if there is no pressing business; and/or weather or other circumstances indicate a prudent decision to cancel. Consecutive meetings cannot be cancelled unless there is a weather emergency.

Section 2 - Mandatory Topics at each Regular Business Meeting:
  • Call to order.
  • Introduction of Guests.
  • Minutes: Offer to discuss corrections to the posted minutes; plus, a vote to approve the minutes as posted or corrected.
  • Questions on the Treasurer's report will be solicited from the floor before it is filed.
  • Committee Reports.
  • Old and New Business.
  • Adjournment.
Section 3 - Annual Meetings

The September regular business meeting shall include normal topics plus the solicitation of a Nominating Committee, chaired by the most recent ex-President, unless declined, whereupon the President will solicit and appoint a Chairperson.

The October regular business meeting shall include normal topics plus:

  • Calendar planning for the following year
  • Presentation by the Nominating Committee of nominations for officers and a trustee as well as acceptance of nominations from the Floor.
  • Requests for volunteers that would like to be considered for appointed positions.

The November regular business meeting shall include normal topics plus:

  • Election of officers and a trustee by written ballot.
Section 4 - Executive Board Meetings

At least once per quarter, the President shall chair an Executive Board meeting. This meeting should be scheduled within 10 days prior to the regular business meeting. Participation in Executive Board Meetings via electronic means is permissible.

This meeting is for strategic discussions among elected officers and the Trustees. A member with insight on a particular subject may be invited to participate.

A report from the Executive Board meeting will be made by the President or presiding officer at the next regular business meeting of CCCC.

Section 5 - Special Meetings

The Executive Board may call a special meeting. Members must be notified of a special meeting at least 10 days prior to the date of the special meeting. At a special meeting, no business shall be transacted, except on a subject stated in the notice.

Section 6 - Quorum

Twenty (20) voting members present at a regular, annual and special meetings of the members, shall constitute a quorum.

If Club membership drops below 25 people, a quorum shall be 2/3 of the existing members.

Decisions which require member approval cannot be made unless a quorum is present.

Section 1 - Executive Board

Officers and their duties are described in Article 6. All officers must be members of CCCC.

The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Director of Communications. The Executive Board manages CCCC between the meetings. However, there is no authority to incur debts, except to pay normal expenses under $250; or, expenditures previously approved by the membership.

All officers are elected for a one-year term and shall continue in office until their successors are elected.

The Board of Trustees must affirm the Officer nominations submitted by the Nominating Committee prior to submission to the voting Membership.

Section 2 - Elected Trustees

There will be three Trustees and all must be members of CCCC.

Trustees maintain and oversee CCCC corporate papers, property and affairs of the corporation.

Trustees are nominated and elected for a three year term.

Trustee terms are staggered so that one Trustee is elected each year.

Section 3 - Removal from Office

The Board of Trustees may declare an office or trustee role "vacant" if the incumbent resigns, terminates membership, is unable to, or fails to perform the duties of the office. If an office becomes vacant, the Board of Trustees shall accept nominations and organize a special election at the next regular business meeting to fill the vacant position.

Section 1 - Duties of President

The President shall preside over all meetings. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club.

Section 2 - Duties of Vice-President

In the absence of the President, the President's duties shall be performed by the Vice-President.

The Vice-President will offer suggestions and information for dinner in conjunction with regular meetings and assist any organizer of a special after-meeting event.

The Vice-President will conduct the Event Calendar portion of the October Meeting and be of assistance to event chairpersons, at their request, throughout the year.

Section 3 - Duties of Secretary

The Secretary records all minutes and all voting results from regular and Executive meetings. If the Secretary is absent at a meeting, the presiding officer shall choose a temporary Secretary.

Section 4 - Duties of Treasurer

The Treasurer should fulfill the responsibilities of the position in concert with the direction of the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer shall have custody of all financial records of the Club.

The Treasurer receives all Club moneys and deposits the same in the Club account. All contracts, checks, drafts, notes, or other orders for payment of money shall be signed in the name of the Club by the Treasurer or President.

The Treasurer must qualify for a fidelity bond as noted in Article 3 facilitated by the Club's Trustees.

The Treasurer reports the Club's financial status at regularly scheduled business meetings.

The Treasurer shall act as the Statutory Agent of the corporation and maintain CCCC's status as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Ohio by filing the required statement of continued existence with the Ohio secretary of State every five years as required under section 1702.59 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Treasurer will insure completion and submission of any necessary tax filings with the responsible government agencies. Any changes in the tax status of the Club must be decided upon by the Executive Board.

The Treasurer should prepare an annual operating statement and balance sheet to be presented to the membership no later than the March business meeting.

The Treasurer shall certify the available funds for charitable contributions at the September meeting. Certification should consider need for working capital as well as the prepared budget.

Section 5 - Duties of Director of Communications

The Director of Communications acts as editor of the Club newsletter, maintains an up to date membership roster and corresponds with Club members as necessary to assure the distribution of Club notices and publication of the Club newsletter.

Section 6 - Standing Positions

The following positions may include one or more members. The newly-elected President appoints these positions at the January meeting.

  • Parade Chairpersons
  • Welcoming Committee Chairperson
  • Charity Chairperson
  • Club Historian
  • Club Photographer
Section 1 - Composition

The Charity Committee should consist of 3 or 5 members. All those who wish to be on the Charity Committe must be a CCCC member in good standing. Volunteers should submit their names to a member of the Charity Committee for consideration before or at the October meeting. The Charity Committee will then present the names of the committee members for the following year at the November meeting. If a vacancy appears during the year, the Charity Committee will suggest a replacement and that replacement will be voted on by written ballot at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 2 - Focus

Capital City Corvette Club's charitable focus is primarily the children of Nationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus Ohio. Net proceeds collected from CCCC's annual car show will be directed to the children of Nationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus Ohio as advertised on the show's flyer. Additional charities benefitting the wellbeing of children and adults may also be considered. The committee reserves the right to consider other charities which strive to tackle challenging medical conditions such as cancer, stroke Downs Syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, MS., ETC. All of these contributions will be dependent on the amount of charitable funds generated for each calendar year.

Section 3 - Duties

Under the guidance of the Club Treasurer, the Charity Committee will receive the confirmation of the financial funding available for charity donations and then can discuss the proposed preliminary charitable contributions for the calendar year, in accordance with our CCCC's charitable focus per Section 2 of this Article.

  • The Charity Committee will coordinate with Nationwide Children's Hospital to optimize the impact of donated funds designated for them.
  • Other charitable funds will be considered by the Charity Committee.
  • All charity requests must be submitted to the Charity Committee in writing, by August 30 for consideration, describing the purpose and the direction of the charity.
  • Each charity presented will be reviewed and evaluated by the Charity Committee for final consideration.
  • Prior to the October meeting, the Charity Committee will submit the chosen charities and the allocated funds to the Executive Board for approval.
  • At the October meeting, each selected charity's sponsor should present a narrative to the membership describing the charity's focus.
  • Prior to any disbursement of funds, all charity recommendations will be presented to Club members by the Charity Committee for an affirmative vote of approval at the following November meeting.

All requests to amend CCCC By-Laws, deemed of merit by the Executive Board, must be submitted in writing at a regularly scheduled business meeting.

The request will be voted on at the following regularly scheduled business meeting.

Club members must be presented with the existing wording as well as the proposed new wording.

These By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the voting members present at a regularly scheduled business meeting, provided at least a quorum is present.

Section 1 - Planning Considerations - Safety and Reputation

Event Chair(s) plan an event to ensure the safety, health, and well being of all attendees. Additionally, event Chairs should act to preserve the good name and prestige of CCCC.

Section 2 - Planning Considerations - Operational

Event Chair(s) shall assure

  • Club members can vote to allocate funds sufficiently ahead of the event.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Event publicity both to the members and general public for car shows.
  • Provide the Treasurer sufficient detail to assure a final accounting for the event.
  • Report the event's outcome to the membership.

Signed by 2016 Board of Trustees:

Thom Garrett

Dave Edwards

Alan Sells